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Avali WIP :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 6 3 Dead Ghosts :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 2 1 Project Mantis :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 0 1 Avali Secondlife Avatar WIP :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 13 13 ActionFigure - Robyn :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 0 0 Sea Dragon! :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 1 0 Bifrost glowey mod! :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 4 0 Evoker! :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 6 1 LazyBunni Commission :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 4 1 Holographic bunny! :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 4 2 Robot Bunny! :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 9 2 Dove :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 0 0 Valkyr Dragon :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 28 3 Dragon Trinity :iconraikitamatsu:RaiKitamatsu 6 1


RaiKitamatsu's Profile Picture
Rai Kitamatsu
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I like scribbling in Photoshop and Substance painter! <3
If you'd like help with anything Blender or Substance painter related feel free to ask!
I probably don't bite!

This is my sketchfab account!
I completely forgot I had this 'till just now.

I'm open for skin and mod commissions for Second Life.
They're Usually $20+ but the price depends on the difficulty of what you want made.…
re-colours of items from the store cost the same as the items price.

My old DA account was Kitamatsu.
I mostly use this one now.


Avali WIP
Screenshot of how the avali avatar is goin'
He's half rigged and mostly painted. :3
Should be completed by next week. 

Avali race belongs to RyujiinZERO. 
Avali Secondlife Avatar WIP
(*Edit 26/2/2017*)
Added a proper tail, fixed the feather skirt. It now has a tailless/skirtless option for modding reasons.
Fixed the face, made the snout less rounded, Head is now attached.
Fixed the feet.
Still gonna bento rig the tail. 
Fixed the topology of the legs. Bends correctly now.

Avastar is working again, So I should be able to get a beta of this up in a week or two.
Send me a note if you wanna try the Beta 'vali?


Since getting the avali mod in starbound i've wanted one in secondlife. So now i'm making one!
(They're so cute!)

This is a WIP.
It still needs:
-Wings (Gonna be a flexiprim/mesh. Main wing mesh, additional flexi feathers.)
-Tail. (Gonna be rigged to the Bento skeleton woo!)
-Fluff. Loooots of fluff and feathers.
-Skirt feathers! Tha's why it is that high up. Gonna have the feathers coming down lower.
-Teeth and facial expressions.

I would appreciate any suggestions people could make/corrections. <3
Hoping to release an Alpha version of this avatar within a few weeks. 

Model by Rai Kitamatsu
The Avali race is (c) of RyuujinZERO. (You're awesome for coming up with this race <3)

Dead Ghosts
Destiny wallpaper because <3

A single frame from an animation i'm making for use with wallpaper engine.
Made with Blender, Painted with Substance painter 2, Rendered in Cycles, Colours tweaked in Photoshop. 

Ghosts (c) Bungie.
Project Mantis
So we had to do a group animation at Tafe.
The shading is pretty bad I s'pose but that's 'cause it was all painted on to save time rendering later.

This is a render of the characters.
The animation was about a Mantis crying at school because it was 'bring your dad to school day' the next day.

Mr. Lady bug (Teacher)
Bee (School kid)
Mantis (Main character, School kid)
Kitapillar (School kid. Had a :P face throughout the entire animation but was mostly rendered with it's back facing the camera.
There was also a steve.
Poor steve didn't make it into any of the renders.

Models, Texturing, rigging with exception to the chairs and blackboard (Chairs aren't shown here) were made by me.


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Void-Shark Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Professional Writer

Hey there! Wanted to stop by and say thanks for the Watch! Tis much appreciated. =D